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Welcome to trenzonline

We offer a wide range of high quality knitwear products. Made from possum and merino wool blends, these products are warm, soft and light in weight. Many garments also contain silk.

Possum fibres have hollow cores making possum one of the warmest and lightest natural fibres. The possum-merino blend and possum-merino-silk blends are signature blends of New Zealand. We stock many classic and new fashionable designs made from these blends by the best factories in the country.

This online shop has a selection of some of our top selling lines of knitwear which you can purchase using PayPal™, an easy-to-use and secure payment system which uses credit card.

You can see the full range at our brick-and-mortar retail store in Whangarei, Northland.

We welcome phone or email enquiries and orders also.